Focus on precision

Since 1997, LASERPLUSS AG has developed efficient laser systems for precision applications of the highest standard. Laser technology opens up new possibilities in many areas for innovative and economical developments. Production processes can be made more efficient and flexible. Our product portfolio ranges from standard solutions for various industries to the manufacture of customized special systems for industrial production. 


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Insights - Highlights

Laserpluss Case study marking of special tools

Highest flexibility and marking quality

 Rapid and reliable Marking of special tools with ISO indexable inserts.

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Case study automated laser marking in the watch industry

Automation in the watch industry

Production of watch cases in the highest quality - LASERPLUSS wins benchmark

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Preparation of the cutting edge

Preparation of the cutting edge

Complete machining: edge rounding, chip breaker, clearance angle and marking

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Individual solutions

By means of customizing and automation to an efficient production

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Product overview

Versatile for marking and engraving

Laser marking systems from LASERPLUSS offer an ideal solution for many applications. Precise and reliable, these systems handle a wide range of requirements in different industries: as a stand-alone solution, with automation or fully integrated into industrial production lines.


Laser systems for μ-precise machining of ultrahard materials

LASERPLUSS uses specially designed diode-pumped solid-state lasers for the machining of diamond tools. The advantages of laser processing are the high precision and material-saving processing without thermal damage. Cutting edges without outbreaks on PCD, PcBN and CVD in a defined chip guiding geometry with chip breakers ensure longer tool life as well as better and more accurate machining results.

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