Industries - further developments and innovations by laser processing

Laser technology enables innovative, cost-effective advancements and new developments in many industry sectors. The precision that can be achieved in industrial manufacturing opens up entirely new perspectives thanks to laser technology. Manufacturing processes can be made more efficient and more flexible. LASERPLUSS develops new, future-oriented manufacturing processes for numerous industry sectors. Laser machining systems from LASERPLUSS are used in a wide variety of industry sectors throughout the world.

Overview of industries with a focus on laser applications

Machining of PCD, CBN, CVD and MKD tools

Datamatrix marking on gear unit made of die-cast aluminum

Precision engraving of a watch case

Plastic marking with day/night design


Micro-welding of two plastics - highest precision in machining


Workpiece with marking on an oblique, curved surface

Marking of wafers and finished modules, marking of metals, plastics and ceramics


Removal, marking, cutting, welding - high volume production in fully automated processes