Options and extensions

For optimal adaptation to your requirements, we offer accessories and extensions. This enables us to meet many customer-specific requirements already from the existing range of accessories.

Extensions and options at a glance

The adaptation to your requirements starts with the laser and goes all the way to the service package. This gives you the best possible configured laser system. In addition, we develop special solutions and automations to make your production even more economical and to realize challenging products.

Palleting systems

High efficiency through the use of palleting systems:

  • Custom-made for your parts
  • A zero-point clamping system for high precision and reproducibility

Mounting and clamping devices

For various component geometries, you can get individually adapted devices for fast, easy production change.


Rotary axis

For different applications involving circumference markings, we offer various rotary axes:

  • 80, 160, 200 mm – variable, such as 3-jaw or 6-jaw clamping chucks
  • HSK, SK manual and automatic
  • More upon request

Rotary table

Rotary table with direct drive and mechanical bearings for fastening magazines for series production.

Ring handling

For continuous marking of ring applications in the jewelry and watch industry:

  • Inner, outer and front sides markings possible
  • Clamping force variable
  • Suitable for automation


Depending on the application, focal lengths from F100, F160, F254, F330, F420 to F880 are used to bundle the laser beam.


Component Recognition

With EasyVision, you get an observation and measuring camera that includes the EasyView software module for component measurement and position detection. This allows the marking to be oriented to specified contours even with loose, unsorted parts.

Barcode scanner

In industrial application, the barcode scanner can be used in the production workflow for reading job data and for checking data matrix codes.


Fiber lasers adapted to the application: power 20 - 100 watts, beam qualities from M2 <1.3 to 3.5, single- and multi-mode, up to 31 variable pulse lengths.


Extraction systems configured to your application, such as with three-stage filter system, controllable from the laser system with run-on, mobile on casters, filter monitoring and separation level ≥ 99%.

Software module and interfaces

The laser system operating software not only comes standard with premium marking software, but also modules for special applications and interfaces for integration into the customer’s IT and production structures.

Customer Services

After Sales Services:

  • Training
  • Technical customer service
  • Service packages

Advanced Services:

  • Machine updates and upgrades
  • Applications consulting
  • Customization