Lasers in the machining of plastics: an appropriate solution for every process

Laser machining systems are used in the machining of plastics for marking, welding and cutting.

On plastics, the short high-energy laser pulses cause carbonization or foaming of the pigments of the plastic. The result is a color alteration with high contrast sharpness in almost all plastics. The markings are embedded in the plastic and thus resistant to abrasion and environmental influences like the base material itself. Depending on the addition of additives, the laser marking can be brighter, darker or given another colored.

Plastic machining with lasers triumphs due to the following benefits:

  • No additives are used.
  • Delicate marking with very small line width is possible.
  • Machining requires no contact and is very quick and extremely flexible.
  • Irregular, contorted surfaces can be machined without any problems.
  • The results are permanent.


"Day & Night" design

The "day & night" design is a specific design solution that is currently largely achieved using lasers. It is often used within the automotive and computer industries. During this process, the laser removes individual layers of paint from the plastic component until the desired motif appears in the plastic that shines through.