Saving time and costs with precise preprocessing machining with the Precutter

The PreCutter is a system for cutting off circular blanks and precise preprocessing of diamond tools. Optionally, the PreCutter can be extended with higher power laser sources and additional axes. Thanks to the modular concept, the PreCutter can be optimally adapted to individual customer requirements.

The PreCutter is based on the structure of a RayCutter and equipped with an identical clamping system. As such the PreCutter can be integrated into the production as a central machine in the pre-cutting process. The result is a networking to a process solution: Several RayCutter are linked with a central PreCutter via a database and automated loading control.

Even circumferential clearance angles on the contour can be pre-cut precisely using the five-axis machine. In this way time and costs are saved during the subsequent machining.

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Produkt highlights

  • Small cutting gap and low material loss
  • Short set-up time due to quick-change pallet system
  • High cutting speed of up to 150 mm / min
  • Clearance angle
  • Measurement using 3D probe for highest precision
  • Expandable by automation for even higher machine availability
  • LASERPLUSS RayMake Software
  • Laser source in two variants: 1.5 kW or 6 kW

Application examples


The PreCutter can be equipped with clamping pallets for cutting circular blanks. By connecting to other LASERPLUSS systems, automation is possible. The system can be networked to create process solutions.

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The LASERPLUSS PreCutter is provided with the software RayMake. This software is specially designed for laser precision shaping. It ensures the high-precision production of diamond tools.


+ Software RayMake

Technical specifications

Machine dimensions B x D x H 1730 x 2300 x 1900 mm
Cover opening height 650 mm
Machine weight 2100 kg
Energy consumption (without extraction) 2kW (Typ 1,5), 4 kW (Typ 6)
Connections 400 V / 50 Hz, 3 Ph
Travel range X=400 mm, Y=300 mm, Z=100 mm
Processing range 400 x 185 mm
Workpiece weight ≤ 25 kg