Manufacturing processes are never the same and are constantly changing. From the construction of machines, to the development of interfaces through to commissioning and maintenance: we develop solutions for designing and optimising your individual processes based on the use of laser technology in industrial applications.

We advise you on the choice of technology through to the specific implementation of your manufacturing requirements. We highlight the potential of intelligent manufacturing solutions based on a large number of examples that have already been implemented.

Industries – this is where laser technology is used

Laser material processing is conquering more and more applications in different industries.

This is caused in the fact, that laser technology enables to reach a higher productivity, product quality and profitability. From precision machining of ultra-hard materials in diamond tools to filigree engravings in the jewelry industry to plastic welding in medical precision applications - there are almost no limits.


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Laser process - effective, gentle material processing

Micro-machining, marking, engraving, welding and more.

The possibilities of laser application in industrial processing are extremely diverse. The use of lasers offers higher precision in the processing, speed and cost-effectiveness and thus great advantages in almost every respect. See for yourself what laser systems from LASERPLUSS can


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Customized solutions - as individual as your requirement

Understand customer processes and develop customized solutions.

We already cover many customer requirements with our standard systems. Your task can go beyond that. We specialize in the development of customized solutions and focus on customizing.


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