Use of laser in precision tool manufacturing

The use of laser technology in the manufacture of tools is ultra-efficient. In the broadest sense, the laser is comparable to a grinding wheel on which there is only a single grain that never wears and never exerts any brute mechanical force.The highly efficient RayCutter® laser systems from LASERPLUSS allow a machining accuracy of less than 2 µm on diamond tools. For many years now, LASERPLUSS systems have proved successful in the manufacture of tools made of natural or monocrystalline diamonds.


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Laser processing for efficient tool production

Laser machined cutting edges have no breakouts.

The use of suitable lasers allows processing of PCD material even without thermal edge zone damage. LASERPLUSS systems separate grain sizes of up to 2 µm. The cutting edge is free of micro defects, preventing dimensional jumps from occuring. The tool life lasts longer and the processing results are significantly better.

Way to the tool

For the production of precision tools with cutting edges made of PCD, CBN and CVD-D, there is no way around laser processing for reaching best results.


With the perfect cutting edge preparation to optimal results

In order to increase productivity, product quality and process reliability while simultaneously boosting economic efficiency, there is no alternative to specific cutting edge preparation. With use of laser technology, cutting edges can be produced without microdefects and thus tools with longer service life.

Meanwhile, it has been shown, that a defined reduction of the notchedness leads to a stabilization of the cutting edge and improvement of the surface structure.

The fastest, safest and most economical realization takes place via laser processing. With this technology, the various required work steps such as cutting and 3D ablation can in almost any form with the highest precision down to <2 μm and highly reproducible be implemented. Depending on the circumstances life of a tool can be increased of up to 30 percent compared to standard tools.

Way to tool infographic

LASERPLUSS offers different machine types that can be selected according to the tool, production volume and working environment.


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Application consulting

In order to find the optimal solution for your tasks, the application engineers of LASERPLUSS create sample parts free of charge. In the application laboratory, the feasibility is checked and the appropriate machine configuration and process parameters are defined. You will receive a report and solution proposal for an optimal implementation of your requirement..


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