Laser machines from Laserpluss in watch and jewellery processing

The use of laser processing systems in the jewellery and watch industry brings unforeseen opportunities as well as high process reliability and efficiency. The high precision laser markers from LASERPLUSS also meet special requirements in terms of design and quality. Automation solutions enable unmanned operation and thus efficient production.



Precision, speed and gentle processing:
That are the benefits of laser processing

Due to its precision in machining, the laser offers new perspectives in terms of jewellery manufacturing. The jewellery item is optimally protected from any thermal-mechanical strain during machining with lasers. The reproduction of any scripts can be achieved, true to the original, with the finest, variable stroke widths on the inside, outside and abutting faces of any shape of ring using the RayDesk®. 

With its special RingMaster® software, LASERPLUSS offers the jewellery industry the greatest possible freedom of design: the database driven program allows the machining of up to five marking groups in any combination (text or graphics) and sequence. The engravings can be turned and offset. The starting angle can either be aligned to the left, right or the centre of each other. No cut-off points appear in any text. 

The selection of all axes of the ring handling unit is fully integrated. For this reason, the entire machining can be carried out in only one cycle and also approx. 3 to 5 times faster than with any previous applications. The program is capable of being automated and set up for server-based order management. 

In terms of ring handling the RayDesk® is ideally suited for engraving rings, regardless of whether this relates to individual customised items or series manufacturing.